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Perfectionism as a Symptom: The Danger in not Understanding What Lies Beneath

Does your student struggle with perfectionism? Are you having trouble

understanding what, exactly, is going on?

Some, not all, gifted people can demonstrate issues related to perfectionism. In this presentation, perfectionism will be discussed not as the root problem, but as a symptom indicative of underlying concerns, problems, and conditions gone undiagnosed.

Most of what you read and have been taught about perfectionism does not truly address the problem at hand. And many of the suggested tricks, techniques, and interventions miss the core issues. This disconnect and lack of awareness between perfectionism as the main problem and the reality of perfectionism as truly the symptom of a problem, is rarely studied or challenged.

Learn more about the need to appropriately identify, diagnose, and treat perfectionism in gifted children.

About the Presenter: Andy Mahoney, MS LCPC, is the founder of the Center for Identity Potential. He is a recognized expert and pioneer in the field of counseling the gifted and talented. His expertise spans over 37 years as a counselor, family therapist, and trainer of mental health professionals.


This FREE presentation is open to the public.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

6:30 p.m.

KAMSC Presentation Center

KPS Community Education Center (Chenery Auditorium Building)

4th floor, Room 436

Please use the Dutton Street Entrance to enter the building,
and either the stairwell to the fourth floor or the Chenery elevator to the fourth floor.

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